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Are You Mad For Liquorice? Vote Now!

Candy is dandy, but liquorice is more delish! In honour of International Liquorice Day, we are celebrating with the release of three (yes, three) new flavours of liquorice muffins. We’ve teamed up yet again with Australian legends, Darrell Lea, to create some crazy concoctions that liquorice lovers will, well… love!

Each delicious muffin includes liquorice at different levels of intensity, perfect for those who might be curious about the flavour all the way up to die-hard fans. We want to know what you think of each of these – so we are putting it to a vote! Make sure to get in and try these three delightful flavours, and then let us know which you’d like to see remain on Muffin Break menus.

Want to know what makes each muffin different?


This one’s a great one for those of you who are “curiouser and curiouser.” Perhaps liquorice has never really been your thing before, but you’re willing to give it a try? The Choc Bullet Liquorice Muffin is most definitely for you, as it’s the mildest of the three. Made with Darrell Lea liquorice, and then garnished with liquorice-flavoured cream cheese, it’s subtle and the liquorice balances the decadent chocolate perfectly. The creation is finished with Darrell Lea milk chocolate drops and Liquorice Bullets.


 This one’s for the real liquorice connoisseurs. You might like a little of all sorts of things, but this one’s got grey liquorice-flavoured cream cheese from top to bottom – as it both garnishes and fills it through the gooey centre. There’s even Darrell Lea Liquorice Allsorts baked into the centre and used to garnish, for those who really can’t get enough.


Perfect for those who like that little bit of everything, the fully refreshing Liquorice Twist Muffin features soft Darrell Lea liquorice pieces mixed through the muffin mix. It also boasts smooth and creamy liquorice cream cheese icing to enjoys as it complements an additional flavour offering in a blueberry compote. What’s it topped with? You guessed it. A Darrell Lea Liquorice Twist. This really gives it an added kick, for those who like their liquorice full on.


Almost a century ago, back in 1927, Darrell Lea was just getting started with a cart under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They’ve come a long way to get to where they are today, where they’re now renowned as one of Australia’s most-loved brands of confectionery. Sometimes considered a little like Willy Wonka (without some of the less favourable aspects of the story, obviously), we find that Darrell Lea offers the perfect partnership when creating muffins that push boundaries to enchant and delight!


Our customers matter the most at Muffin Break, that’s why we want to hear what you have to say. Vote for your favourite of the above three flavours. But be quick! You’ve got to try them while you can. They’re available for a limited time only – with the winner staying on permanently. Which will it be? Be sure to cast your vote here!

Ready to see for yourself? Head to your local Muffin Break to try all three flavours today!