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Sydney Children’s Hospital Gift Drive

Donate a Christmas gift today!

Muffin Break Entertainment Quarter is hosting a Christmas toy drive for Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. Muffin Break will give you a small sized coffee with every gift you donate by please pop in-store and make someone’s Christmas extra special this year. We will be accepting gifts until 22nd December at Muffin Break Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.

To donate a gift simply:

  • Visit Muffin Break Entertainment Quarter
  • Bring your children’s gift to a friendly staff member
  • Inform them the age-range of the gift and receive your gift tag
  • Place your present at the Christmas tree in-store
  • Receive your free small sized coffee

Donation of Toys/Goods Guidelines

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick greatly appreciates donations of toys and materials from the community. These donations are valuable and are used to ensure that babies, children and young people have access to developmentally appropriate resources, allowing them to have some much needed fun, and also learn while in hospital.

This information is designed to help you select items that can be best utilised by our patients and by our team of Child Life Therapists. Most importantly, we must ensure that all donated items are safe for use by the babies, children and young people in our care. We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for your kind donation.

General Guidelines
To prevent the spread of infection, toys for general use within the Hospital and our play rooms must be able to be cleaned easily and effectively. Therefore fabric items are not suitable for this purpose eg. fluffy toys, baby toys with soft fabrics.

Hard plastic and varnished wood toys are great for ward use as they can be disinfected regularly. To ensure toys remain in good working order, we also recommend that toys do not have too many ‘parts’, as
these can be easily misplaced. We are fortunate to receive donations for children aged between 3 and 8 years on a reasonably regular
basis. However, we have large numbers of young patients aged 0-3 years and also 9-18 years that we desperately need items for as well.

We kindly ask that you also consider these age groups when donating items.