Relive your favourite childhood memories with the Fairy Bread Duffin

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Introducing the Fairy Bread Duffin

Relive your favourite childhood memories!

Muffin Break’s all new Aussie creation is a FUN take on your favourite childhood party food. Covered in sprinkles, it’ll take you straight back to your fun-filled 8th birthday! Introducing… the Fairy Bread Duffin!

Fairy Bread Duffin now available at Muffin Break!

the Fairy Bread Duffin!

Baked fresh in-store daily, the Duffin is a mouth-watering donut and muffin fusion. The newest Duffin, the Fairy Bread Duffin, is the fourth addition to Muffin Break’s luxurious Fancy Collection – indulgence, partnered with a moment of joy!

Available at Muffin Break stores, nationwide, the Fairy Bread Duffin is made with crispy, buttery layers of pastry, filled with crème patisserie, dipped in 100’s & 1000’s and topped with a swirl of Cream Cheese Icing and a sprinkling of 100’s & 1000’s!

History of Fairy Bread – an Australian icon!

Fairy Bread has anecdotally been around since 1929! It was first ever mentioned in Hobart’s Mercury newspaper in April of 1929. Referring to a party for children, the article stated that “The children will start their party with fairy bread and butter and 100’s and 1,000’s, and cakes, tarts, and home-made cakes…” (reference: Since 1929, Fairy Bread has become an Australian tradition and an iconic addition to every kid’s (and some adult’s) birthday celebrations.

Enjoy a Fairy Bread Duffin and a Coffee for just $9.50!

Looking to partner the Fairy Bread Duffin with your favourite barista made coffee? Pick up the perfect pair today for only $9.50. Alternatively, add a Fairy Bread Duffin to your 4 or 6 pack for just $1.50 extra!

add a Fairy Bread Duffin to any 4 or 6 pack for $1.50!

The Fairy Bread Duffin will also be available for a limited time only through Muffin Break’s delivery partner, Menulog!

Beat the rush and head into your local Muffin Break early so you don’t miss out.

Warning: Duffins may be dangerously addictive.