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Fun Facts on Coffee

International Coffee Day is 1st October, and we’ve put together 10 fun facts on all things coffee to learn more about the cuppa we love best, every single day!

10 Coffee Fun Facts

Coffee Facts #1: While many believe coffee was first discovered in Brazil, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia after goats ate the cherries and went crazy!

Coffee Facts #2: It wasn’t discovered in Brazil, but they are the world’s largest producer of coffee.


Coffee Facts #3: Coffee makes #2 on the list of the most traded commodities across the world!

Coffee Facts #4: We don’t want to rock the boat with our friends across the ditch, but…New Zealand claims to have invented the flat white…it was actually Australia.

Coffee Facts #5: Which country do you believe drinks the most coffee in the world? We’re pretty certain that you would not have guessed it to be Finland! (We were shocked too!)

Coffee Facts #6: The fruit of a coffee tree is called a cherry, and you can eat them!

Coffee Facts #7: Cappuccino is named after Capuchin monks because the colour is similar to their robes.

Coffee Facts #8: There are 2 main types of coffee grown commercially – Arabica and Robusta.

Coffee Facts #9: The caffeine extracted from decaf beans is sold to drink companies for products like energy drinks.

Coffee Facts #10: Coffee is scientifically proven to have health benefits.

International Coffee Day

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