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It’s Our 30th Birthday! Treats All Around!

Our 30th birthday is here and to celebrate, we’ve created a brand new muffin to capture everything you love about us here at Muffin Break. Our ever-popular chocolate chip muffin has had a bit of makeover (for a short time only) – this time it’s in full colour, literally!


As if chocolate chip muffins weren’t already enticing enough, our latest creations are multi-coloured (so yes, they look perfect for Instagram, and kids will love them too). Enjoy the same great flavour, swirled in hues of pink, green and purple. And that’s not all! The muffins are made even more delicious thanks to our new partnership with Darrell Lea, so they’re topped with Darrell Lea BB’s Chocolate Orange.


Back in 1989, Muffin Break was just a dream. We first opened our doors that same year in Coolangatta, and we’ve grown across the nation and internationally in the 30 years since. Today, there are over 210 Muffin Break stores across Australia. Plus, thanks to the fact we’ve expanded internationally into markets such as the New Zealand and the United Kingdom, we’ve got over 300 stores in total. Most of our stores call shopping centres home, but these days we’re also in airports, train stations and Crocs Playcentres.


Want to bring some of that delicious Muffin Break goodness into your home? Whether you find yourself missing our recipes in between visits, or you just want to try your hand at baking them for yourself, you can buy our muffin mix. Coffee cravers, we’ve got your back as well! You can purchase our coffee capsules, to enjoy our great coffee from the comfort of your own home.


Our philosophy here is that “Good Goes In” but for us, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Check out our anniversary-edition new design on all mentioned products and packaging. Created again by Adriana Picker, an incredible Australian artist.

Now through 28 July, we are also giving away literally thousands of prizes – and you have a 1-in-2 chance of winning! Purchase a pack of four or more muffins and receive a scratchy to win! Prizes include free coffee, free muffins, and even an iPad! Terms apply.

We’re kicking off our 30th birthday bonanza, and we’d love for you to celebrate with us. Find your local Muffin Break, and come and join the party!