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Jurassic World-Inspired Mighty Mini Meal Has a Serious Bite!

Would you like to WIN in the Food Court? Our new Mighty Mini Meal will earn you some serious brownie points!

Kids can now collect their favourite dinosaurs from the smash-hit movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You also receive a voucher to enter and win a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood! ©2018 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Finding great options for hungry kids when you’re out can be challenging. The delicious Mighty Mini Meal is a fantastic alternative in the food court that will keep kids happy. They loved collecting the Ooshie pencil toppers in the last Mighty Mini Meal box!

The new meal includes:

  • A toastie cut into 4 bite-sized pieces
  • A mini choc-chip cookie as a small sweet treat
  • A bottle of Pop-Top 30% fruit juice
  • NEW – A Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom keyring! Collect Blue, Stiggy, Indo Raptor and – of course – T.Rex!

Just who are these magnificent creatures?

Stiggy – a Stygimoloch. Small and reddish brown in colour, Stiggy is a herbivore. However, she also has a fiery personality and commands respect. She has a “headbutt first…ask questions later” mentality!

Blue – the legendary Velociraptor. Metallic, bluish-grey with a white stripe, Blue is intelligent and the leader of the pack. She can be aggressive – but loyal! Blue could just help save the day.

Indo Raptor – a dangerous hybrid cloned from the most dangerous dinosaur predators. All we can say is – watch out!

T.RexTyrannosaurus Rex. The king of the dinosaurs! Be careful; this powerful carnivore could eat up to 230kg of meat in ONE bite.

Grab yourself an award-winning coffee while the kids tuck into their lunch! Purchase a 4-pack of your favourite muffins and you’ll also get 10% off the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom DVD at Big W.

PLUS, you can enter for the chance to win a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood in LA. To be eligible, purchase a Mighty Mini Meal from a Muffin Break store. Inside each box is a voucher code needed to complete the entry form. Find out more here. ©2018 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Leap into the Jurassic era with the Mighty Mini  Meal! Locate your local Muffin Break store now.