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Go CocoNuts for Two Aussie Classics!

Step up your lamington game this Australia Day. 

All of January, we’ll be serving up lamingtons – with a twist! Made with premium Australian products, these two beauties will take the sting out of summer….

The Lamington Muffin is BACK

Our smash-hit Australia Day classic once again delivers a sweet treat that’s dusted with coconut and stuffed with a Darrell Lea Coconut Roughs.

Lamington Muffin

Discover Our Lamington Milkshake

NEW for Summer 2020, this refreshing milkshake is made with MILKLAB premium milk and a Darrell Lea Coconut Roughs, to create an unforgettable drink.

Lamington Milkshake

Ready for a flavour explosion? Don’t wait too long! Our lamington sensations are at Muffin Break for January only.

We will donate $1 for every lamington product sold

As the fires are burning through our beloved country, our native wildlife and livestock need our help. Muffin Break is making a commitment to WIRES. The charity is rescuing and caring for the innocent animals caught in fire-devastated areas.

We are donating $1 for every Lamington Muffin or Lamington Milkshake sold this month in supporting this organisation, up to $20,000. Our parent company, Foodco, will also match this $20,000 commitment to total $40,000. In addition, our partner, Darrell Lea, have committed to donating an additional 50c for every lamington product sold, up to $10,000.

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