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Little Growers

Muffin Break's newest workshop

Little Growers workshops have started to sprout around the country, teaching children the importance of sustainability, and how to recycle at home and tackle the war on waste.

Muffin Break Little Growers

At Muffin Break, we love the idea of sustainable living – so why not get our kids involved! It’s a fun, interactive and learning workshop for the kids to get their hands dirty and take something home they made themselves!

What is it?

Children who attend a Little Growers workshop will receive a clean, collected Muffin Break takeaway cup and a seedling. The workshop runs step-by-step, taking them through how to plant the seedling using potting soil and used coffee grounds from the Muffin Break store into their takeaway cup! They’re taught fun facts about the process such as how coffee grounds can act as fertiliser for the seedling and how plants get their nutrients.

The kids go home with their newly planted seeds, and a care sheet so their seedling can thrive at home.

Keep an eye out as you never know when a Little Growers workshop will pop up near you.