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Beautiful Mother’s Break Packaging

By Illustrator Adriana Picker

Muffin Break has changed to Mother’s Break and is celebrating mum from 16th April until Mother’s Day! We have not only changed our logo but also our muffin boxes, takeaway cups and coffee pod packaging. We want to acknowledge the brilliant juggling act mums perform every day, the love and support they are always ready to offer their family, and those that surround them.

The Artist Behind the Design

We engaged Adriana Picker to bring alive the elements of baking through her botanical illustrations . The task offered to the illustrator was to showcase the deconstruction of an apple crumble, focusing on the fresh ingredients that form an all-time favourite baker’s recipe. Adriana wanted to illuminate the care and consideration placed into this recipe, not a mass production, rather it is predicted by the skill of a baker in every Muffin Break store. She highlights the most beautiful ingredients possible, through her truly unique style of illustration. Adriana is no stranger to Muffin Break, as she  designed our festive Christmas packaging.

Sydney Born-New York Artist, Adriana Picker, designing Muffin Break packaging.


The fresh ingredients she encompassed in the packaging for Muffin Break’s coffee cup design, coffee capsules to our muffins takeaway box subtly implies the ingredients are in the process of being baked. When you take careful notice of the design, you will the ingredients in their natural state including the apple freshly picked from a tree with its leaves still attached, the raspberries and spices. The baking basics were also designed being the eggs, butter and flour. The story that breathes through this illustration connects the ingredients to the final, fresh products baked at Muffin Break daily. Many of the wholesome elements used to create these masterpieces are keeping Aussie farmers in business.

The illustration brought to life fresh and wholesome goodness  Adriana wanted these everyday objects (of a takeaway coffee cup) to add at least, a small amount of beauty into the customer’s daily routine. It serves a nice surprise when they’re rushing through their busy days. Along with the surprise sees the gorgeous elder flowers enveloped in the illustration – a botanical element that is often used to cook. It is a nice and soft element to add into the composition of the illustration to break up all elements involved. Muffin Break and Adriana felt that it was a feminine design that would appeal to women, who often use baking as an unspoken way of showing love.

Adriana Picker has known this love and kindness through her mum and matriarchs in her life. Being taught to be a kind and polite person above all else. Her mum helped her understand the importance of being strong, ambitious, passionate and creativity, forming her core values today, following her dreams to bring to life the love of botanicals through her unique style of illustration. This Aussie designer moved across to New York over a year ago, will miss seeing her mum this year, and yet, excited to celebrate all Australian mums this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Break Cafe Transformation

With Muffin Break temporarily changing their logo for the 4-week period leading up to Mother’s Day, you will instead notice the brand transforms to ‘Mother’s Break’.  The Muffin Break at The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, NSW will also see a transformation and offer mums a break and moments of peace, while enjoying their coffee laced in Adriana’s beautiful botanical illustration. Adriana believes the conversion of the store will offer mums a quiet moment of meditation with their coffee and a small amount of indulgence with a sweet treat, and specially designed Mother’s Day muffin created by Muffin Break.

Natalie Brennan, Muffin Break General Manager, at the Mothers Break cafe.


Your local store will have ready for you the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day with a light and fluffy raspberry muffin, topped with pink buttercream icing encased in a take home box wrapped in a beautifully, hand-crafted botanical illustration.