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Muffin Break Supporting Kingswood High School

through the Wakakirri Donation Program

The Wakakirri Story-Dance Challenge has provided an accessible opportunity for Australian schools to perform and share their stories for 27 years. We have partnered with Wakakirri since 2018 to give back to the community and help more schools be part of the experience.

Our support through the Wakakirri Donation Program helps schools from low socio-economic areas to participate in the performing arts.

One of the schools we are supporting through our partnership in 2019 is Kingswood High School in Western Sydney.

The Wakakirri experience provides Kingswood High School students and staff with opportunities for growth mentally, academically and economically – Ms Danielle Remaili, Wakakirri coordinator at Kingswood High School


Danielle explained Kingswood High would have struggled to participate in the performing arts without the funding:

I have seen a decrease in families willing to place their students in extra-curricular activities purely based on the fact that they couldn’t get together the funds. Parents and guardians are eager to see their children excel in these opportunities, however the financial strain most families experience acts as the hindrance.

The school first received funding in 2018, and according to Danielle at the time “…many of the families of students entering were overwhelmed with the generosity of the donation. This has given their child an unforgettable experience and opportunity for success.”

We support the Wakakirri Donation Program by making a direct financial contribution every year, which is supplemented by donations collected at every Wakakirri events (where the Muffin Man and the Muffin Break team can often be spotted holding donation buckets).

We are proud to be able to support our local communities across the country, including Kingswood High, to offer our future generations the opportunity to explore their greatest passions. We look forward to supporting local schools this year, together with Wakakirri, to encourage these young Aussie kids to great path of success – Natalie Brennan, General Manager of Muffin Break

“Kingswood High School students are exceptionally passionate about their future and if Wakakirri is one of their platforms on which to speak so their voices are heard, then we must continue to provide these opportunities; we must continue to fund their right to be heard,” says Danielle.

Kingswood High School will be performing their Wakakirri Story-Dance at Wakakirri’s event at NIDA Theatres on August 19th, 2019, as supported by Muffin Break.