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Help Share the Dignity with the Pink Lamington Muffin

Why Eating a Muffin Can Help Women In Need

Introducing to you the Muffin Break Share the Dignity Muffin in support of Australian charity, Share the Dignity!  This pink muffin is coated in a strawberry pink icing and rolled in coconut with a garnish of Cream Cheese Icing and love heart sprinkles.

Visit your local store to try this muffin, either by yourself or a group of friends, to help us raise funds. For every muffin sold, $1 will be donated to Share the Dignity to purchase and install a #Pinkbox allowing free access to sanitary items for women in need.

Share the Dignity Pinkbox

These #PinkBox vending machines are installed all over Australia in public toilets, homeless hubs, domestic violence refuges, community centres and schools, offering FREE access to a period pack to include 2 pads and 6 tampons to vulnerable woman. We believe access to sanitary items is a right and not a privilege, where no woman should ever have to choose between eating and living with dignity.

Who is Share the Dignity?

Share the Dignity ensures everyone is afforded the dignity so many of us take for granted. Their work directly benefits women in crisis. Every. Single. Day.

They are a women’s charity that makes a real, on-the-ground difference to homeless women and victims of domestic violence. Share the Dignity collects thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every YEAR for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Small dignities make a big difference. They fund funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaign for justice for women in Australia. Find your local donation point to help make a difference [link to a find a store for Share the Dignity]

Why we’ve partnered with Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity has been our national charity partner since 2018, and we are continuing to celebrate this partnership by dedicating a muffin for the month of August to supporting Share the Dignity and women in need in local Aussie communities.

We were able to raise enough funds with our Share the Dignity muffin sales last year to install a #PinkBox in a local community. This year, we need your help to reach the goal of $20,000 raised to install 2 #PinkBox vending machines.

Pop into your local store to try this delicious Pink Lamington Muffin and help us raise the funds to open more opportunities of dignity to local Aussie women in need.