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Muffin Break Sponsors 2019 JDRF Walk

In support of finding a cure for T1 Diabetes

Muffin Break is sponsoring the JDRF event in Sydney on 27th October 2019. JDRF are leading the fight against type 1 diabetes by funding research to cure, treat and prevent the disease.


Muffin Break’s General Manager, Natalie Brennan, has a personal story that intertwines with our partnership with JDRF and Muffin Break’s journey to improve our muffin mix.

Natalie’s husband, John, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age 18 and one of their twins started showing symptoms at 2.5 years old.

Despite all the challenges we had already faced with my husband living with type 1 diabetes, we hit another setback when 2 years ago, our son was diagnosed with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes.


It was a trying time for them, emotionally, as parents. They were overwhelmed and constantly concerned about Ewan, but they also knew they needed to accept their new normal.

Having lived with t1D for so many years, John understood that type 1 doesn’t need to change your life. John and Natalie were both committed to ensuring that they could use new technologies that previous generations didn’t have access to, to set up an effortless daily routine to manage Ewan’s blood sugar levels.

As someone who believes in seeking out support in others, Natalie also opted to join JDRF’s Peer Support Program and later went on to become a mentor in the program, supporting families of children newly diagnosed with T1D. In 2018, Natalie was honoured to be recognised for her contribution in the NSW Premier’s Volunteer program for the work she does with the Peer Support Program.



MUFFIN BREAK solves a problem

Natalie was committed to Ewan not missing out on anything, including snacks that other children could consume without worrying about blood sugar levels. She understood that other parents also shared the same sentiment and wanted to ensure that Muffin Break could accommodate a low sugar muffin mix that was still tasty.

Muffin Break engaged Anna of PBCo to develop a new muffin mix. After trying multiple recipes and methods, we finally succeeded in creating a product that is low GI and low carb. We’ve even created a take home muffin mix for these families to enjoy tasty muffins in their own home environment.


About the JDRF walk

JDRF hosts the world’s biggest type 1 diabetes (T1D) fundraising event, attracting around a million people around the world to raise over $85 million for life-changing T1D research. This success is only possible because of the support, commitment and strength of their community.

JDRF is excited to be partnering with Muffin Break for the Sydney One Walk event. Through this alliance, Muffin Break is demonstrating their commitment to supporting type 1 diabetes research and helping JDRF turn type one into type none. We are grateful for their involvement and look forward to taking this partnership forward in the coming years.

Help make a powerful impact by walking with us for the Sydney Walk at Cathy Freeman Park in Sydney Olympic Park. The reporting time is 9am with the Walk starting at 10am. Join in for a fun day of music, food, activities and games!

Walk with us and help turn type one into type none.