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Our Sustainability Journey Update

Muffin Break continues their commitment to a better Australia

It’s been a while since we’ve announced our sustainability partnership with Simply Cups, but we have been working hard behind the scenes to implement a number of changes to how we operate.

Changes We’ve implemented

Paper straws

According to the statistics from the War on Waste series, Australia generates 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic, of which only 9% has been recycled and 12% incinerated. 5 billion tonnes in landfill or polluting our environment. Our oceans and waterways are being choked with plastic waste.

Plastic straws are a major problem, and don’t get recycled. If they make their way into our waterways they pose a massive problem.

Our team has worked to find the perfect paper straw for your beloved cold beverages choice at Muffin Break. The kind that don’t lose their form after moments in liquid.



Did you know:

  • Australia uses over 10 million plastic bags a day – plastic bags are causing huge problems in our oceans
  • 85% of soft plastics from bags and packaging ends up in landfill

And while supermarkets have committed to phasing out plastic bags as a result of pressure, we all need to make a difference.

Muffin Break has stopped stocking all single-use plastic bags and have provided a paper option, for customers on the go.

Bamboo cutlery

If you’re dining in at one of Muffin Break stores around the country, you will note that we offer you crockery to enjoy your favourite coffee order and sweet treat.

Although, for those that are taking away lunch items or an afternoon treat, we have bamboo cutlery stocked in store.


Wooden stirrers

For many of you that love to add a little milk and sugar to your favourite tea or coffee order, we now provide wooden stirrers on our counters.

Note that stores may still have plastic stock and will use this remaining stock until it depletes over the coming weeks.

It’s Important to Us

Muffin Break is focused on what other sustainable changes we can make to ensure we are reducing our footprint in landfill. The below plastic statistics that end up in Australia’s landfill is our motivation to continue making changes:

  • 660 thousand tonnes of plastic waste every year are created by Australians.
  • How long does it take Australian households to throw out 1 tonne of plastic waste? 1 minute! It takes only 1 minute for Australians to produce 1 tonne of plastic waste.
  • In one day, we produce enough plastic waste to fill an entire beach. We need to do better.
  • Plastic is designed to last forever. However, we’re often using single-use plastic items for only a couple of minutes.

Read on here to see an interview of our franchisee, Shirley, and what she loves about our commitment.Our franchisees are devoted too, because as a collective, we can make more of a difference.

The size of the problem is truly shocking and now it’s up to us to start implementing change in our daily routines to help be be part of the change.