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Introducing Our New Vegan Pie!

You’ve spoken, and we listened! Introducing our newest addition to our Vegan range, the Vegan Pie!

We’ve partnered with Australian company, Mrs Mac’s to create the perfect plant-based lunch alternative or snack on the run.

Vegan Pie Now Available - Only at Muffin Break

Made with plant-based mince sauteed in garlic and onion, coated in a rich tomato vegetable sauce and topped with golden flaky pastry.

A perfectly delicious pie, not only for Vegans, but for all pie lovers!

Launching on November 1st, alongside International Vegan Day, we can’t wait to see you at your local Muffin Break to try our new Vegan Pie – only available at Muffin Break!

Muffin Break Vegan Muffins

Whilst you’re out in store picking up your Vegan Pie, don’t forget we also have our freshly-baked Vegan Muffins!

Vegan Muffins available at Muffin Break

Available daily in four mouth-watering flavours, Apple Blueberry, Banana Pecan, Mixed Berry and Date Apple Cinnamon, these Muffins are filled with pure Plant Based goodness!

Match your Vegan Muffin with your favourite barista made coffee (with plant-based milk of course!) or a refreshingly cold drink.

Ask us in-store what flavour is baked fresh today!

Don’t Forget, We’ll Never Charge You for PLANT-BASED Milk!

That’s a Muffin Break guarantee. Whether you prefer a nut-based milk (almond) or plant-based (soy) with your award-winning coffee, we don’t believe you should pay extra for choosing plant-based.

No Charge for Plant Based Milks - EVER!

Please note, Vegan Muffin flavours may vary from store to store.

Check in with your local Muffin Break on which flavour is being freshly baked today!