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We’ve done it again!

We predicted the federal election results, for the sixth consecutive time.

Muffin Break’s Unofficial Election Bean Poll has once again predicted the federal election results, for the sixth consecutive time!

Launching on 11 April 2022 and running for a duration of 7 weeks, over 850,000 Muffin Break customers took to the Bean Polls in the lead up to last Saturday’s federal election, with the final results locked in on Friday afternoon showing Labor in the top spot.


Since its launch in 2007, our Bean Poll has predicted the election results with 100% accuracy. With Anthony Albanese becoming Australia’s 31st Prime Minister, the Muffin Break method once again made for a successful forecast!

Natalie Brennan, General Manager of Muffin Break, says the franchise is thrilled that the Bean Poll prevailed again.

“Each election, it’s so interesting watching the votes roll in throughout the campaign. What started as a fun way to engage with our customers has now become a major Muffin Break tradition – that still surprises us with its accuracy each time!”

The Coalition had been in the lead right up until support for Labor shot up during the final day of voting.

A state by state breakdown of the Bean Poll’s results as of Friday 20th May can be found below:

Bean Poll Final Results State Breakdown

We’ll be back for the next election with the hopes to predict our 7th in a row!

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