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WINNER ANNOUNCED: 2022 Barista Championship

Blake from Muffin Break Wagga takes out top spot!

Blake from Muffin Break Wagga Wagga has been announced as the Champion of the 2022 Muffin Break Barista Championship held in Sydney at the end of May. Blake took the top spot out of 10 highly skilled baristas in four rigorous challenges and workshops where finalists were scored on creativity, latte art and precision.


The annual competition is open to Muffin Break’s franchisees and staff across the country to determine the best baristas in the business.

The competition is held across two days, where ten finalist Muffin Break baristas compete against each other to take the title of Muffin Break’s 2021/2022 Barista Champion.

The baristas are scored for extraction time, temperature, creativity, contrast, foam and milk quality, as well as symmetry of latte art.

The Annual Barista Competition is also a way to upskill, with workshops ran by industry experts, including Matthew Lewin, Barista Champion.

taking out the title

Blake, 29, has been a barista for 8 years and living in Wagga for the past 4 years. Having learnt the art through social media, workplaces & training, Blake’s latte art skills are impeccable, often creating phoenix’s, colourful swans or anime characters for his customers

While coffee is an art form he pours with great pride, he is fortunate to work within a Muffin Break store which offers a seated area in the café, where he and the rest of the Muffin Break Wagga team have the opportunity to not only deliver a good cup of coffee but an overall outstanding experience for every customer.

“I always make good latte art for dine-in customers when I have time. I love surprising them and seeing them take photos. They may not know my name, but they will have a good memory about me and Muffin Break,” said Blake.

Blake is proud to be announced as the winner of Muffin Break’s Annual Barista Competition 2022 as way of acknowledgement for his passion in pouring great latte art and good coffee into every cup.

Head into Muffin Break Wagga Wagga and grab a cup of coffee to see for yourself, why he was crowned Muffin Break Barista Champion for 2022.

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