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Network Expansion

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There are currently roughly 248 Muffin Break bakery café

  • Locations worldwide:
  • AUSTRALIA: Opened in 1989; 153 cafés
  • NEW ZEALAND: Opened in 1994; 33 cafés
  • UK: Opened in 2002; 62 cafés
  • CROC’S PLAYCENTRE: Opened in 2014; 23 cafés
  • *Current as of 30 May 2023

Muffin Break bakery cafés are primarily located within shopping centres and are kiosk and in-line operations.Click here for more information.

With over 300 Muffin Break bakery cafés opening worldwide in the 26 years of business, Muffin Break expects to develop further with around 30 more bakery cafés opening within the next 12 months.

As of April 2014, Croc’s Playcentres have had an exclusive licence with Muffin Break. Each new Croc’s Playcentre will now include a Muffin Break bakery café, delivering two great brands in one franchise package. To learn more about Croc’s Playcentre CLICK HERE.

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