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Muffin Break Supplier Stories: Huhtamaki

Since 2007, Muffin Break have worked with packaging specialist, Huhtamaki, to create and reinvent the Muffin Break takeaway cup. In 2021, the brand is proud to offer Muffin Break customers a locally produced, more sustainable cup, made right here in Australia.

Who is Huhtamaki?

Huhtamaki are global specialists in packaging for food and drink, dedicated to making every consumer experience enjoyable, consistent, and safe. The team at Huhtamaki understand that packaging is about so much more than just what goes around a product.

It’s about building brands, protecting reputation, and opening up new opportunities in new markets. Huhtamaki currently operate in 34 countries with over 17,000 employees globally and in 2020, they celebrated their 100 years.

The company’s history in Australia dates back to 1923 when it started life as Hygienic Containers in Redfern, NSW.

Through acquisitions of food packaging manufacturers, and the Lily operations in Australia and NZ in 1988, Huhtamaki established itself as a major foodservice packaging manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand.

Today, the company is known as Huhtamaki Fibre Foodservice Australia, with Sales and Manufacturing locations in Sydney and Melbourne.   Their Windsor plant makes billions of hot and cold paper cups and lids per year, and the team are proud to produce the Muffin Break cups locally at their Windsor plant in NSW.

Huhtamaki 100 years

Sustainability & caring for the planet

At Huhtamaki, the team believe in protecting food, people and the planet and enabling well-being and convenience for people around the world.

Packaging also plays an instrumental role in reducing food waste, which remains by far the biggest environmental impact from food systems on climate change. Their ambition is to become the first choice in sustainable packaging solutions.

Thanks to today’s digital breakthroughs, packaging also offers solutions including traceability of products and efficient circularity. All customers, consumers, communities and the planet need sustainable packaging solutions more than ever before.

The Callisto Cup

Muffin Break is focused on sustainable changes to reduce our landfill footprint and therefore, in 2020, Muffin Break worked with Huhtamaki to introduce the single-walled Callisto takeaway cups.

The main objective for Muffin Break to review their existing takeaway cup was to offset the amount of waste the greater network is generating, reduction of cost of goods sold for franchise partners and to ensure the brand is keeping up & staying ahead of industry trends.

Transitioning to single walled cups will result in a reduction of more than 35 tonnes of paper per year going to landfill. As these locally-made Callisto cups weigh less, this will also produce a reduction in emissions used to transport the equivalent number of cups in comparison to the previous design.

Muffin Break Callisto Cup

Muffin Break’s commitment to sustainability

Muffin Break are firm believers that ‘Good Goes In’. Everything from good coffee, good ingredients, good community, and good partnerships to do good. With this ideology, sustainability is an integral component and passion in our brand.

The ultimate goal in embracing these sustainably minded practices is to reduce Muffin Break’s footprint, taking a permanent outlook to reduce, recycle and educate for the betterment of the environment, while also supporting customers to comfortably and ethically choose Muffin Break every time.

Muffin Break has an ongoing commitment to improving and developing sustainability standards in the brand and hospitality industry and advocating for socially responsible practices across Australia.

Moving forward

Looking forward to 2022, both Muffin Break and Huhtamaki will continue to keep sustainability at the forefront of their decision making and be leaders in their respective fields. Together,  the brands are looking to continue revolutionising  sustainable practices within the  food service industry. Watch this space!