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Muffin Break Wins Best Sustainability Initiative Award

Muffin Break is the winner of Best Sustainability Initiative Award at the QSR Media Sandhurst Fine Foods Conference & Awards 2019 on 20 June 2019. This is a great win for our company to be recognised for our partnership with an innovator to reduce the impact to Australia’s landfill. We adopted this partnership with Simply Cups as soon as they hit Australian shores, as they are Australia’s first dedicated coffee cup recycling program.

The project of partnering with Simply Cups offered Muffin Break a solution to divert 11 million coffee cups from landfill. For every takeaway coffee or hot drink sold by Muffin Break, we are putting towards diverting cups from landfill by Simply Cups.

Our Sustainability Initiative

Takeaway coffee cups can’t be recycled easily, due to the combination of paper and plastic lining. Simply Cups works with innovators to solve this problem. They’re collecting disposable coffee cups from all over the country and giving them a second lease on life as a newly recycled and recyclable products.

This project has seen the loop close from takeaway coffee cup collection to new product creation now stocked in our Muffin Break stores. While focused on diverting cups from landfill, we have introduced a new product, the rCUP, for customers to no longer use takeaway cups. The rCUP is a reusable coffee cup developed by Simply Cups and is made from 6 takeaway coffee cups.

The achievement of this new project has assisted in Simply Cups being able to divert a total of 4.56 million cups as of 13 May 2019 and counting from Australia’s landfill.

Muffin Break is working with Simply Cups as their Shopping Centre partner exploring progressive opportunities to influence changes in waste management for centres where our stores are located.

Muffin Break’s Commitment to Change

While we are one retailer in a centre that can influence change, the management of waste can be improved to collect a clean stream of takeaway cups from all coffee retailers in the centre, leaving a larger impact. 

Since the partnership, we have been able to discuss opportunities to improve the impact on the environment, where Simply Cups is creating products to create compost out of food waste and coffee grounds, where they can collect from the shopping centre and take back to their plants to offer this waste second life.

Muffin Break has taken this opportunity to present to the shopping centre partners to discuss the upgrade of their current waste systems, with the solutions as offered by Simply Cups.

Muffin Break is proud to have our efforts recognised for our impactful sustainability approach to business and will continue our journey to get other businesses on board to make more of a difference as a collective.

And as a way to thank our customers for playing their part in this journey, a 30c reward is offered to those who bring in any reusable cup for their hot beverages.

Work with us in our commitment to sustainability! Find your nearest Muffin Break today.