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Kick Start Your Career at Muffin Break

Kick Start Your Career at Muffin Break

Why is Muffin Break the right place for you?

We asked one of team members and here is what they had to say…

Rowan Attwell at Muffin Break

I started working for Muffin Break when I came to Sydney on a working holiday visa back in 2015. Muffin Break had just opened up their first flag ship and training store in EQ and I was lucky enough to be part of the opening team. From day 1 I knew that I wanted to stay for the long run due to the ‘family vibes’ and the in-depth training to the passion for coffee and baking. In the December of 2015 I moved into a head office role to be part of the Muffin Break operations consultant team in New South Wales which I have been doing ever since. I have learnt so many new skills from operations to business and get to work with wonderful franchisees and different people on a daily basis. I also get to travel and see Muffin Break in different areas of Australia. I feel proud to work for a company who is innovative, evolving and people orientated.”








Training opportunities with Muffin Break:

Structured On-line training is available to you through the ‘MEL’, Muffin Break’s online learning portal. The MEL available for you to access training at any time and customised for your role.

This includes:

  • Work health and safety
  • Barista training
  • Product knowledge
  • Cashiering skills and knowledge

It is often on the job that you will learn the most valuable lessons that could lead you to running your own business or can set you up for your future journey.

This can include skills such as:

  • People skills that include communications, learning to work in a team environment, better understanding yourself and time management
  • Leadership skills: once you have mastered your role there may be opportunities to run a shift and in time maybe manage a team, where you get to understand profit and loss and labour management

Most of all you will meet some great people, will be able to save for what you want and chances are will make lifelong friends.

Looking forward to welcoming you onboard!