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5 Great Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Over 3,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds are sent to landfill every year. These wasted grounds create large amounts of methane gases and further add to the issue of climate change.

To combat this, we’re partnering with environmental solutions organisation Reground to help repurpose our used coffee grounds into garden projects across the country.

If you’d like to help at home, we’ve put together 5 potential uses for used coffee grounds; either from your own use or from your local Muffin Break. Just ask our friendly staff, who will be more than happy to share them with you!

1. Make a Fantastic fertilizer

Coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen, which help to improve drainage, water retention and aeration in soil. They can also attract earthworms and microorganisms that promote plant growth.

Coffee grounds also act as strong repellents to snails and slugs, making sure your plants stay thriving and happy!

2. Create Your Own Personal Herb Garden!

Give your kitchen and leftover takeaway cups new life! All you need is a Muffin Break takeaway cup, enough dirt to fill it and some leftover grounds from your local Muffin Break.

Poke some holes into the bottom of the cup, add a mix of dirt and coffee grounds, then your seeds.

Water regularly, and with a little care and attention you’ll have your own personal herb garden in no time.

3. Create a Naturally Brilliant Cleaner

Simply sprinkle a handful of coffee grounds into pans with tough food stains for a natural abrasive scrub. The coarse nature of the grounds makes it the perfect solution for tough stains. You can also use coffee grounds for polishing cutlery and scouring sinks and grills.

4. Whip Up a Brightening Exfoliant

The caffeine in coffee grounds makes them an excellent skin care product. Just scrub it on in the shower with a mix of coconut oil and vitamin E oil for healthier, tighter skin. The coarseness of the grounds also removes dead skin cells, leaving you looking brighter and renewed!

5. Protect your pets from fleas!

Did you know coffee grounds are a natural deterrent for insects, including fleas? After shampooing, just rub 1 or 2 cups of coffee grounds into your dog’s coat and rinse well for natural protection against pesky fleas. However, be sure to keep your furry friend from eating any of the grinds, as they are toxic if consumed by dogs.

Get Grounded

Head into your local Muffin Break store today and ask about collecting their spent coffee grounds to brighten up your household with these useful tips.

Muffin Break has declared a war on waste! Help keep both grounds and coffee cups out of landfill. For every takeaway cup bought, we will pay recycling company Simply Cups to turn one into a new product.

We’re Better Together: Just another way the “Good Goes In” at Muffin Break.