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Change Warriors! Muffin Break Joins Forces with Simply Cups

[UPDATE – 18/06/2020The Muffin Break and Simply Cups sustainability partnership continues to make a positive impact. Simply Cups has upcycled over 12.8 million disposable hot drink cups.]

Muffin Break are teaming up with Simply Cups – Australia’s first dedicated coffee cup recycling program – in an exciting campaign to divert 11 million coffee cups out of landfill each year.

Let’s Close the Loop!

For every takeaway coffee or hot drink sold by Muffin Break, we’ll pay to have a cup recycled by Simply Cups, who work with innovators to recycle and upcycle takeaway cups into new products.

When combined with other plastic materials, takeaway cups increase rigidity into plastic resin, which is suitable to upcycle into new products such as bench seats, kerbing and car stops.

Time to Change.

Ever wonder how much your daily caffeine fix is costing the planet? Each year, Australians use around one billion takeaway coffee cups in total, the majority of which aren’t recycled and end up in landfill.

If you’re questioning why you can’t just throw a takeaway cup into the recycling bin, unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than thought.

Most disposable coffee cups are lined with polyethylene; a form of plastic which is tightly bonded to the paper to make it waterproof for hot liquids.

This plastic lining means most takeaway coffee cups can’t actually be recycled through current comingled recycling channels. In fact, only 1% of coffee cups are actually recycled.

Hence the coffee cup stream into landfill. On average, just one of those coffee cups will take around 30 years to biodegrade. We think it’s time to work together to make change, don’t you?

Our Muffin Break reusable KeepCups are also growing in popularity. For any customer that brings in their own reusable cup (not just our KeepCup, any reusable cup!), we will reward you with 30c off!

However, behavioural change takes time and takeaway cups are still a handy habit for many. That’s where our new recycling initiative with Simply Cups comes in.

Muffin Break are proud to be joining forces with Simply Cups in our new war on waste! We go together with this planet, so let’s make the future cleaner and greener.

Find your local Muffin Break, and feel good with your next coffee purchase by knowing you are helping to take a stance in this war on waste.