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Humans of Muffin Break Love Stories

Humans of Muffin BreakLate last year, Muffin Break released their Humans of Muffin Break series, capturing the stories of their customers to get to know them a little better. And with Valentine’s Day just days away, we wanted to share the some of the love stories you have shared with us.

Muffin Break seems to be the place where partners meet to have their dates and enjoy their cuppas together. Grab your mug and enjoy the read!


“It’s not my story but my parents who are in their 80’s!

Dad is 85 & Mum is 83, we often have coffee, cake & of course a pot of tea from Muffin Break. It’s great value whether you have the coffee/cake deal or a sandwich. Staff are very friendly too!

My parents have been married 60 years and the love they have for one another is wonderful, mum has a problem and Dad is struggling losing the love of his life but somehow manages to keep on going. That’s if he’s colouring my mum’s hair or cooking & cleaning for her. He bathes her, cleans her wounds, and totally dotes over her. Mum still thinks she’s does everything and claims it all too but unfortunately has memory loss!

Muffin Break is a great meeting place for us as a family or just as a couple. Dad loves the fact that you give him a pot of tea! Not many places do that these days. They don’t always scan their card because mum forgets sometimes but that’s ok. She still has independence to purchase the morning tea & or lunch there.

We do love Muffin Break Sunshine Plaza, so a big thank you and a great job guys! Keep up the great work.”


“My husband and I have enjoyed many ‘sneaky dates’ at Muffin Break during school hours over the years. If hubby is working in the area, he will take his break and meet me for a muffin and a coffee (for me) and a hot choc or iced choc (for him – depending on the the time of year).

Muffin Break is a great place to take some time out for ourselves, to recharge and rekindle our love.”


A young love developed at Muffin Break Golden Grove some years ago when 17-year-old baker, Nathan, who met a new customer service staff member, Chelsea, to join the team.

They each worked 5 years and 4 years respectively in store with Gary, franchisee of Muffin Break Golden Grove. While there suspicions that young love was in the air, they managed to keep their romance a secret.

They’ve since moved into new roles, after graduating from tertiary education and their love further developed, they made it official and were able to tie the knot late last year!


Do you have a love story that you want to share? We’d love to hear it! Share it with us here for the chance to have it shared.