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Muffin Break Barista Championship 2023 is back with a Bang!

The highly anticipated Barista Competition presented by Muffin Break is returning for the 15th time. Prepare to witness extraordinary talents, mind-blowing latte art, and a whole lot of caffeine-fuelled excitement.

The journey of the Barista Champion

The journey begins within the store, where baristas who have nominated themselves engage in a friendly competition cupping six coffees in under 8 minutes. The business coaches mark their performances based on several factors including the preparation of their workstations, uniforms, cleanliness, technical coffee making skills, sensory skills, and the final presentation.

Over 100 baristas nominated themselves across Australia & New Zealand and the business coaches conducted the competition rounds over the course of two months. The top 4 highest scoring baristas in Muffin Break have been shortlisted and are invited to Sydney for the finals where a 2-day event will be held on the 2nd & 3rd of November, for them to battle it out in 3 rounds.

The Baristas are ready for an epic showdown and will be judged by coffee experts led by our Head of Coffee, Jeremy Regan. Once the scores are collated, one lucky barista will be crowned as the ultimate Barista Champion in Muffin Break.

Every year, Muffin Break is gripped by the fervor of the Barista Championship, and here are three compelling reasons why:

Discover the best Barista:

The Barista Competition serves as an opportunity for us to find out who the best barista is. The path to becoming the barista champion begins at the local store level, where store champions emerge. These devoted baristas then hone their craft through each phase of the final competition which, ultimately propels them closer to the coveted title of Muffin Break Barista Champion. The championship evolves into a dedicated pursuit of excellence, ultimately resulting in the honor of being crowned as the foremost barista across Muffin Break.

Coffee Expertise Upwards & Onwards:

The baristas at Muffin Break are essential to our operation and their capacity to craft inventive beverages, coupled with their unmatched coffee expertise, transforms each brew, pour, and creation into a harmonious masterpiece. Moreover, being coached by during the competition our coffee experts makes them the ultimate coffee connoisseurs.

Nurturing Bonds Through Coffee:

The Barista Championship cultivates a unique communal experience. Baristas from Australia & New Zealand unite, hone their skills and form lifelong bonds through their shared love for coffee. As baristas collaborate and gain wisdom from one another and our expert judges, the championship becomes a powerful breeding ground for the community spirit that forms the core of Muffin Break.

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