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Muffin Break Ipswich rallies for the Troops on ANZAC Day

Thinking of our Troops on Anzac Day

Every year, Muffin Break Ipswich sends care packages to the Australian troops who are stationed overseas, in time for both Anzac Day and Christmas. It’s a gift from us Aussies showing our gratitude for the work they are doing overseas and a gift from home to keep their spirits high.

Muffin Break Ipswich

The Call out for donations

This year, the Ipswich team aimed for the stars, making a commitment to pack at least 100 care packages. This meant they needed support from their local community and retailers to donate and build this huge feat.

They were determined to put in the work together, to make this a special Anzac Day for the Australian troops who are away from home.

Riverlink Shopping Centre even used their database to call out for these donations, and it helped out a whole heap!

Muffin Break Ipswich rallied everyone and all the donations on Friday 15th March, where veterans helped pack the care packages. All hands to assist were welcome on the day!

Muffin Break Ipswich

Bringing Joy to our Troops

We received the following message from one of the troops, a receiver of a care package:

To the team at Muffin Break,

On behalf of the Sergeant Major Academy Advisor Team in Afghanistan, heartfelt thanks for your generous gifts. My team received packages from your business this week which contributed greatly to their morale.

I lead an Australian Team of Advisors who work to develop the institutional capacity of the Afghan National Army Sergeant Major Academy.  My team has been in Afghanistan for over six months now, with a number of months yet to serve. Having been away from friends and family for this length of time, it is a warming gesture to receive support from fellow Australians who clearly have our best interests at heart.

Again, thank you kindly, your contributions have been immensely appreciated.

Muffin Break Ipswich is committed to a similar goal for Christmas – be sure to help us to continue this warming gesture for the troops to show our gratitude.