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Muffin Break’s Charity Partnerships

Since opening our doors at Muffin Break, we’ve been focused on giving back, whether it be partnering with national charities, or supporting local sporting clubs, it’s remained at the core of what we do.

Muffin Break continues to support national charities as below:

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity ensures everyone is afforded the dignity so many of us take for granted. Their work directly benefits women in crisis. Every. Single. Day.

They are a women’s charity that makes a real, on-the-ground difference to homeless women and victims of domestic violence. Share the Dignity collects thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every YEAR for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Small dignities make a big difference.

They fund funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaign for justice for women in Australia. Find your local donation point to help make a difference.

Find your local donation point to help make a difference.


Wakakirri is Australia’s Largest Performing Arts Event for Schools with separate events for Primary, Secondary, Dance schools and schools in remote areas.  Each year hundreds of schools across Australia create Story-Dances for Wakakirri that reflect student’s thoughts, ideas and aspirations. These stories are performed in professional theatres in front of the official ‘Wakakirri Panel’ who are searching for ‘Story of the Year’.

A Wakakirri Story-Dance is a 3-7 minute performance by a group of students that theatrically tells a story using a combination of dancing, creative movement and acting to pre-recorded music. Schools can tell any story and use any combination of dance, acting, music, sets, props and costumes.

Performing in Wakakirri is an experience students never forget.

Muffin Break and Wakakirri joined forces back in 2018 to bring the benefits of performing arts and storytelling to schools in Australia. Muffin Break is sponsoring Wakakirri, provider of the largest performing arts program for schools, as a Major partner.

muffin-man-wakakirri-finalsMuffin Break has committed to sponsor disadvantaged schools to create their own Story Dance productions to perform at the national Wakakirri Story Dance Challenge. The community partnership will unite Muffin Break’s 210 stores with the 250 schools that participate annually in Wakakirri.

Wakakirri founder and festival director Adam Loxley also praised working together, saying,

We are excited for this new partnership and are grateful to Muffin Break for recognising the work we have been doing for over 25 years.

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