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Reground Helps Muffin Break Recycle Coffee Grounds

We’re proud to be promoting our sustainability efforts this month! One great highlight comes from Melbourne, where two of our local stores in Southbank and Victoria Gardens have partnered with Reground for a pilot project to recycle their coffee grounds back into the environment.

The suggestion actually came from a customer in Southbank, who approached Reground to use Muffin Break’s coffee grounds in her local community gardens. It’s a brilliant closed loop cycle…from ground to store, back into the ground!

Reground collects and recycles ground coffee waste from cafés, offices and coffee drinkers and diverts them into community gardens for further sustainable use. It’s a mission that is perfectly aligned with our promise: Good Goes In.

This is part of our commitment, which includes a partnership with Simply Cups and a relaunch of our Muffin Break-branded Keep Cups.

The potential scope of the Reground partnership is huge! It will give the franchise’s network of over 200 stores the potential to recycle over 600 tonnes of coffee back into the environment annually.

Early Success!

Since December 2017, the two Muffin Break stores piloting the Reground bins have:

  • Diverted 240kg of ground coffee from landfill, plus 456kg of harmful greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere unnecessarily.
  • Prevented the waste of 6,660 lattes ending in landfill.
  • The compost has been sustainably used to create healthy soil at Melbourne Zoo, as well as home and community gardens!

Reground creates positive change through preventing coffee waste ending up in landfill. It is all about education and “changing the current waste disposal structure to make it more resourceful for our pocket, people and planet.”

How it Works:

  1. Reground bins are placed in Muffin Break stores
  2. The Reground team will collect the grounds on a regular basis
  3. Reground takes the bin to the local community and home gardeners who put the waste to positive use

Once the pilot project is complete, Reground and Muffin Break will work together on a national strategy and rolling out the certification and process across all stores.

We’re so proud to be involved with a project that is helping communities reduce their footprint and keep waste out of landfill. Find out more about how Muffin Break are working to keep coffee cups out of landfill.

Watch this video to learn more about Reground and their positive environmental impact.