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Muffin Break’s New Muffin Mixes!

Take Muffin break home with these 3 new delicious flavours!

Muffin Break are excited to announce three new muffin mixes. Now you can enjoy Muffin Break at home, as your new go to snacks.

You can take Muffin Break home with these delicious and easy bake mixes, without sacrificing the taste you’ve come to know and love from Muffin Break.

Muffin Break's New Muffin Mixes

Gluten Free Sweet Muffin Mix

Made from wholesome ingredients, this Gluten Free Sweet Muffin Mix is lower carb, has no added sugar and is a good course of fibre and protein.

You can add in your favourite ingredients and enjoy our delicious muffins at home. Therefore creating that Muffin Break taste you’ve come to enjoy on a daily basis.

It is the perfect treat to make into mini muffins for school lunches, or snacks for you and the kids to enjoy.

Gluten Free Sweet Muffin Mixes

Gluten Free Savoury Muffin Mix

From spinach and feta, to sun-dried tomato and olives, you can’t go wrong with this Gluten Free  Savoury Muffin Mix. Add your favourite combination of ingredients and enjoy the perfect on the go snack.

Made with wholesome ingredients, this Gluten Free Savoury Muffin Mix is a good source of fibre and protein. In addition, has no added sugar and is lower carb.

Gluten Free Savoury Muffin Mixes

Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix

Have overripe bananas and don’t want to throw them out?

The Gluten free Banana Bread Mix is the perfect mix to make a delicious loaf, or banana mini muffins. Only 3 ingredients needed with this delicious and easy bake. Get creative and add in any of your favourite additions like choc chips, coconut or blueberries. Get the taste you love. Above all, the choices are endless.

Tip: For the best tasting loaf, ensure those bananas are overripe – brown and spotty

Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix/Muffin mixes


All 3 flavours now available at your local Muffin Break store and online. So head in today and don’t miss out!

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