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Meet the rCUP: Your New Reusable Coffee Cup

Made from 6 recycled coffee cups!

Muffin Break have introduced the rCUP; a new reusable cup in our fight on the war on waste. Pick one up today!

rCUP made by Simply Cups

The rCUP is the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from six recycled takeaway coffee cups.

Created by Closed Loop, owner of Simply Cups, Muffin Break is tirelessly working on their journey to help reduce the one billion takeaway coffee cups that end up in Australian landfill, of which the majority of which aren’t recycled because they lined with polyethylene; a form of plastic which is tightly bonded to the paper to make it waterproof for hot liquids.

rCUP made by Simply Cups

Benefits to owning and using an rCUP for your daily coffee:

  1. Better for Aussie landfill: your purchase is contributing to a sustainable solution.
  2. This is a cup that you can recycle
  3. 100% leak proof
  4. One-hand opening for life on the go – just one press to open and another press to close.
  5. Insulated reusable cup – in most cases, the rCUP will keep your coffee warm for up to 90 minutes!

Our customers are loving their reusable coffee cup! Lynn, a regular customer of Muffin Break Coffs Central says:

I love my daily Muffin Break coffee and now I can also do my bit for a sustainable future.


rCUP at Muffin Break

Be a part of the sustainable solution and help reduce what ends up in our Australian landfill online or popping into your local store and ask if they are selling this reusable rCUP for you to enjoy your coffee in daily.