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Muffin Break Becomes Registered Responsible Café

We take our commitment to the environment seriously. Working together, for better, is a core component of how we can ensure the “Good Goes In.” As a part of this, we are proud to announce we are joining the Responsible Cafe movement and offering a 30c reward for anyone who brings in their own reusable cup!

We recently announced some of our other green initiatives, including a partnership with Simply Cups and a relaunch of our KeepCups, to help reduce our carbon footprint. Every year, Australians use around 1 billion disposable cups, the majority of which end up in landfill. This leads to around 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste, due to the plastic lining featured in coffee cups making them difficult to recycle.

In recognition of our sustainability efforts, all Muffin Break stores are now listed on the Responsible Cafés map. Responsible Cafés is an initiative of café owners and coffee lovers who work to promote a sense of community and connection. Their mission is to reduce waste created by single-use products, namely coffee cups, and to promote a culture of reusability and community. Their registered cafés are currently estimated to divert 48 million cups from landfill per year! This message is shared through an online map, highlighting the location of cafés that have earned the Responsible title.

Cafés earn this title through offering an incentive to customers who bring in their own cups. The map helps connect environmentally conscious cafés and coffee drinkers across Australia.

Help Muffin Break and Responsible Cafés on our mission to soften the environmental footprint of cafés across Australia! Find your closest ​Muffin Break store​ and bring in your reusable cup to snag a 30c reward on your coffee!